Motorcycle Insurance Quotes – a Bikers Guide

A Bikers Guide to Motorcycle Insurance Quotes

AS a motorbike owner, you’ll know all about the many costs involved. The machine itself, the leathers, helmet and other equipment can all hit you hard in the pocket.

For many, a passion for bikes is driving factor, but that can come under pressure when you pile on the cost of motorbike insurance.

Finding cheap motorcycle insurance has never been easier. Companies are clamouring for your business – don’t worry, at, we’ll make sure they form an orderly queue. So when you’re comparing quotes for motorbike cover online, you’ll be able to make the best decision with the best information at hand.

It’s also worth knowing how your insurance premium is worked out so you know what you’re paying for.

Calculating your online bike insurance quote

The main things insurers will look at when giving you a quote are:

Age and personal details

If you are male and under 25, you will pay more for your motorbike insurance than anyone else. That’s because insurers consider there to be more risk with younger riders.

Female and older riders are less likely to make a claim or cause an accident and will pay less for their insurance. Your job can also play a part in the price of cover.

Make and Model of MotorBike

The higher the value of your bike, the more it will cost to insure. This can apply to brand new bikes or older, classic models. However, newer bikes may be easier to repair and source parts for, while older bike may be more difficult to fix and could require spare parts which are hard to find.

If your bike is over 20 years old, it may be worth speaking to a specialist broker who deals with classic bikes. A bike with a more powerful engine will be considered more risky as it can achieve greater speeds and therefore is more likely to cause an accident.

Mileage and usage

How far you go and how often you use your bike are major factors when it comes to get quotes for cheap motorcycle insurance.  If you intend using your bike for commuting, you will be deemed higher risk because, not only will you be travelling more often, there’ll be much more traffic and therefore more risk.

If you only use your bike at the weekend for pleasure, you’ll pay less on your insurance.

Bike Security

If you keep your bike locked up safely in a garage overnight, this will help save money on insurance. Living in an area with low crime will also help, but even if there have been a lot thefts where you live, you can still take steps to make your bike safer.

Most newer bikes will have security features such as immobilisers and bike locks, but if they don’t, it may be worthwhile getting them fitted. Many insurers may insist that any anti-theft devices are bought from approved dealers.

Driving and Riding History

If you have motoring convictions or have made a claim in the last five years, you will pay more for you motorbike insurance. At, our expert team can put you in touch with companies who specialise in finding affordable insurance for riders with convictions.


Taking out a higher excess means your premium will be cheaper, but it also means you’ll have to stump up a bit more of your own cash if you ever have to make a claim. A lower excess will lead to a higher premium, so it’s all about getting the balance right.


Having a good quality helmet will cut the the cost of your premium if you have additional medical coverage in your motorbike insurance policy. Of course, it’ll protect the old noggin too.

Additional Riders

If you have other riders named on your policy, it will alter the cost. Younger riders will increase your premium considerably while you could save a few quid by having an older, more experienced biker on your policy.

Cheap motorbike insurance quotes

At, we’re committed to finding you the best deals on motorbike insurance. We’ll provide you with a range of options to choose from, including bundling your car and home insurance with motorcycle cover, or going with a specialist motorbike insurer.

Whatever you choose, you can be certain we’ll find the best policies at the best prices on the market.

You can get lots of quotes from a wide range of insurers when you fill out a simple form with us. A cracking deal on cheap motorbike insurance is just the click of a mouse away with You can also call our expert team to discuss your own personal needs on 0800 787 670.

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