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Motorbikin’ is in the Blood a new study suggests. Psychologist Donna Dawson’s recent findings reveal evidence of a genetic predisposition to motorbikes (read more)

Shop Managers Fight Off Scooter Gang. An attempt to steal two high power Ducati motorbikes from a Croydon showroom were thwarted recently as brave shop staff fought off six armed gang members. Arriving on scooters, the robbers entered the showroom and tried to wheel out two bikes. As soon as staff realised that their insured showroom bikes were being stolen, they jumped in and fought off the robbers. (watch CCTV footage)

Motorcyclist Fined for Having No Insurance. A motorcyclist from St. Mary’s on the Isles of Scilly was recently given a £200 fine and 6 points on his licence for riding without insurance. If only he’d come to, we’d have found him a deal he could afford! The Isles of Scilly are 28 miles off shore from Land’s End in Cornwall, so no matter how remote you are, the police will catch you before long. Getting motorbike insurance makes sense, contact us for a competitive quote.