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Bike Insurance Cover – where do you start?

YOU wouldn’t invest in a new bike or all the clobber that goes with it before doing your research first, would you? Whether you are nipping about on a little Vespa or tearing it up in a Kawasaki, there are lots of expenses to take into account and one of main ones is motorbike insurance.

At, we’ve put together this guide which will help you get the best deal on insurance for your motorcycle.

The need for speed… and a really good deal

There’s nothing like the exhilaration of whizzing down the motorway on your motorbike, but sometimes you need to slow down and take the time to work out what you need from your motorcycle insurance policy.

Just like there are many different types of bike and bikers, there are many different kinds of cover.

The price of cover can vary for a number of reasons, especially if are a young rider, own a scooter, are a female biker or have previous motoring convictions or insurance claims.

When you compare motorbike insurance quotes with us, you’ll find that some insurers will even offer extra features, so you can build the policy that suits your needs.

Compare Bike Insurance – how much can you save?

Comparing motorbike quotes will provide you with many different prices to choose from. It’s worth noting that insurance companies don’t just pluck these figures out of the air, there are many factors that affect the price of your premium.

Once you know this, you’ll be able to take your own steps to reduce the price of your cover.
Among the many things insurers will look at are:

The make and model of your bike

Power, price and age will come into play when insurers look at your bike. A bike with a powerful engine will be able to reach higher speeds and, therefore, in the eyes of insurers, more likely to be in an accident.

An expensive bike will cost more to insure, particularly as it will cost more to replace if it is stolen or damaged in an accident. However, newer machines are deemed easier to fix and find parts for, so may be safer for insurers to provide cover for.

If you have a bike that is more than 20 years old, it may require specialist cover and you may need to get quotes for classic motor bike insurance. Of course, our expert team are always on hand to answer any question you may have.

Fair weather biker or all seasons rider?

For some, a motorbike may be more of a weekend thing, for others it’s their main means of transport.  How often you use your bike and the amount of miles you travel will all affect the price of the premium.  If you are looking to keep the costs down, make sure you tell your insurer how many miles you think you’ll travel in a year.

When you fill out our quote form, make sure you state what you are using your bike for. If you say you are just using it for pleasure, but also use if for commuting, your insurer may charge you more or invalidate your policy.

How safe is your motorbike?

Where you keep your bike plays a big part. If you keep it in a secure garage, there’s less chance of it being stolen so you’ll pay less for your insurance.

Having security features on the bike such as immobilisers, ground anchors and locks will also keep insurance costs down. If these aren’t already on the bike, you should consider having them put on, but make sure they are fitted by approved companies.

Does where you live make a difference?

As you’ll probably know from car and home insurance, certain areas can be deemed more risky than other by insurers.

Urban areas or those with high crime rates will lead to more expensive motorbike insurance. If you do live in these areas and want to reduce your premiums, you don’t have move. Taking extras security measures around your house can help, providing you tell your insurer about them.

Have you made a claim in the past or have any motoring convictions?

Insurers will charge you more for cover if you have made a claim in the last five years or have motoring convictions which have yet to expire.

You must be upfront when filling out the quote form because withholding this information can mean your policy isn’t valid or even lead to criminal charges.

At, we’ll help you find companies who specialise in cover for convicted motorists, so you don’t have to accept sky high insurance premiums just because of your momentary lapse a few years ago.

Your age, occupation and other personal details

Insurance for riders under 25 will cost more, while female riders will pay less for their motorbike insurance. Younger riders are deemed a higher risk because they are more likely to be involved in an accident whereas statistics show that women are less likely to claim or cause an accident.

If you use your motorcycle for work, then your occupation will affect your premium. You don’t have to be racing in the MotoGP, any professional sports person will have to pay more for their motorbike insurance because of the risks involved.

How much excess do you want?

If you make a claim on your motorbike insurance, you will have to pay an amount before your insurer forks out the rest. You must agree your excess when you take out the policy. Agreeing a higher excess means your premium will be lower, but if you do need to fix your bike after an accident, you could find yourself footing most of the bill.

A lower excess will mean a higher premium, but means your insurer will pay the vast majority of any claim.

What level of bike insurance cover should you have?

When you get quotes for cheap motorcycling insurance through, we’ll provide you with a range of different options, including what type of cover to choose.

The three main levels of cover are:

Third party

Motorbike insurance is compulsory in the UK and this is the minimum amount of cover you can take out. It will only cover another person and their property if they are involved in an accident which you cause. You will have to pay for the damage to yourself and your own bike.

If you want to keep the costs down, or your bike is pretty old and not worth much, this might be an option for you

Third party, fire and theft

Basically, third party with a few bells and whistles. It will give an added level of cover to protect you if you bike is damaged in a fire or stolen.

Fully comprehensive

If you’ve forked out your life savings on that shiny new Harley or Kawasaki (and all the gear that goes with it) then this is for you.

It’ll cost more, but save you in the long run as, in the event of an accident that you caused, it protects you against damage to yourself, your bike and property as well as the other person and their stuff. The best option if you want to look after a big investment.

A little bit extra

As experts in motorbike insurance, there’s not much we don’t know about the best deals out there. Some insurers will chuck in a few extras if you go fully comp, while others will give you the option of adding them on for an extra few quid.

The most common added extras include:

Legal protection

This will help out with legal fees, particularly if you were involved in accident that wasn’t your fault and you want to chase up compensation you feel you are owed.

It can also help you recover things like lost earnings if you have been unable to work due to an accident on your bike.

Personal accident cover

This may come as standard on some policies, but you can have the option of increasing the cover for an added cost. It will cover you for things like medical expenses or money you’ve lost by not being able to work.

Breakdown cover

This will protect you against mechanical failure and usually involves the insurance company sending out a mechanic to wherever you have broken down. They’ll either supply you with a replacement vehicle or transport you to wherever you were going.

You can pay a bit more to extend your breakdown cover, particularly if you are traveling abroad on your bike.

Now you have all the info, it’s time to get looking for a great deal on cheap motorbike insurance. Fill out our simple quote form or call out expert team on 0800 787 670.

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